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If you want to change you billing/contact details simply login to your Elara Online account.

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Elara Online do not post out Vat Invoices. In keeping with our 'e-tailer' philosophy, we empower the customer to acquire the information they need through our website. All order invoices are available through the customer login section.

1. To print or download your invoice login to the members welcome page.
2. Find the order you are looking for, depending on how recent the order is, it will be under 'completed orders' or 'current orders'.
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4. On the right hand side, below the totals, you will see a 'Print Invoice' link. Click this link and a PDF invoice will appear. You can then print or save the document as you see fit.

**Invoices are available two days after order dispatch. If you click on Print Invoice and a message displays saying the document is not available, you will need to check back in a day or two as the order is not yet invoiced.

If you continue to have problems downloading an invoice or you have accounting queries email

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