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Epson Bright White Overview

Range/Series Overview

IMPORTANT: This Range/Series overview section describes the range of which this product belongs. Features of different versions might be mentioned and may not apply to the specific product on this page. Please view Specs for specification of product.

This uncoated 90g/m printing medium can be printed on both sides and consists of 100% recycling paper; it is the perfect supplement to the latest generation of Stylus ink-jet printers. EPSON Bright White Ink Jet Paper makes it possible for the user to print crisp texts and excellent colour graphics with up to 1440dpi, and is therefore ideally suited for the production of reports, memos, newsletters, and even homework.

Epson Bright White Features
Product Description
Epson Bright White - plain paper - 500 sheet(s) - A4 - 90 g/m²
Product Type
Plain paper
Media Size
A4 (210 x 297 mm)
Printing Technology
Media Weight
90 g/m²
Included Qty
500 sheet(s)
Compatible with
Epson L1455, L382, L386, L486, L605; EcoTank ET-16500, 2650, 2710, 2711, 2712, 2714, 2715, 2720, 2721, 2726, 2750, 2751, 2756, 4700, 4750, L14150, L1455, M3170; Expression Home XP-235, 245, 247, 342, 345, 442, 445; Expression Photo XP-970; Expression Premium XP-540, 640, 645, 900; WorkForce WF-3620
Epson Bright White Specifications
Media Type
Plain paper
Media Sizes
A4 (210 x 297 mm)
Printing Technology
Included Qty
500 sheet(s)
Media Weight
90 g/m²
Compatibility Information
Compatible with
Epson L130, L1455, L220, L310, L355, L365, L382, L386, L486, L555, L565, L605, L655, L805, L810, MUFC Printer ¦ Epson B 300, 310N, 510DN ¦ Epson EcoTank ET-16500, ET-2650 Unlimited, ET-2710, ET-2710 Unlimited, ET-2711, ET-2712, ET-2714, ET-2715, ET-2720, ET-2720 All-in-One Supertank Printer, ET-2720 Unlimited, ET-2721, ET-2726, ET-2750U, ET-2751, ET-2756, ET-3600, ET-4700, ET-4700 Unlimited, ET-4750 Unlimited, ET-4750U, L14150, L1455, M3170 ¦ Epson Expression Home XP-102, XP-202, XP-205, XP-212, XP-215, XP-225, XP-235, XP-235A, XP-245, XP-247, XP-30, XP-305, XP-312, XP-315, XP-322, XP-325, XP-342, XP-345, XP-402, XP-405, XP-415, XP-422, XP-425, XP-432, XP-435, XP-442, XP-445, XP-530 ¦ Epson Expression Photo XP-55, XP-750, XP-760, XP-850, XP-860, XP-950, XP-960, XP-970 ¦ Epson Expression Premium XP-530, XP-540, XP-540 Media Bundle, XP-605, XP-610, XP-615, XP-620, XP-630, XP-635, XP-640, XP-645, XP-810, XP-900, XP-900 Stickers ¦ Epson Stylus C87 Plus, CX4900, CX5900, D120, D88 Plus, D92, DX4050, DX4400, DX4450, DX6000, DX6050, DX7000F, DX7400, DX7450, DX8400, DX8450, DX9400F, S20, S21, SX100, SX105, SX110, SX115, SX130, SX200, SX205, SX210, SX215, SX235W, SX400, SX405, SX410, SX415, SX435W, SX445W, SX510W, SX515W, SX535WD, SX600FW, SX610FW ¦ Epson Stylus Office B1100, B40W, B42WD, BX300F, BX305F, BX310FN, BX320FW, BX600FW, BX610FW, BX635FWD, BX925FWD ¦ Epson Stylus Photo 1400, PX650, PX660, PX700W, PX710W, PX810FW, PX830FWD, R1900, R2000, R285, R2880, R3000, RX560, RX585, RX685 ¦ Epson SureColor P400, P600, SC-P400, SC-P600 ¦ Epson WorkForce M100 MEAFIS, M105 MEAFIS, WF-100W, WF-2010W, WF-2630, WF-2630WF, WF-2650DWF, WF-2660DWF, WF-2750DWF, WF-2760DWF, WF-3620DWF, WF-3620DWF Stickers, WF-3640DTWF, WF-7110DTW, WF-7515, WF-7610DWF ¦ Epson WorkForce Pro WF-4630DWF, WF-4640DTWF, WF-R5190 DTW Flex, WF-R5190 DTW Flex BAM, WF-R5690 DTWF Flex BAM, WF-R5690DTWF Flex, WF-R8590 D3TWFC Flex, WF-R8590 DTWFC Flex, WF-R8590DTWF Flex
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Class : Media
Category : Printing media
Technology : Ink-jet
Media Qty : 500 roll(s)
Media Sub Category : Office paper
Brand: EPSON
Stock                             Status: In Stock
Price Range: €10 - €25
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