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HP HDMI to VGA Display Adapter ...


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HP HDMI to VGA Display Adapter Overview

Range/Series Overview

IMPORTANT: This Range/Series overview section describes the range of which this product belongs. Features of different versions might be mentioned and may not apply to the specific product on this page. Please view Specs for specification of product.

The HP HDMI to VGA Adapter maximizes the display functionality of your HP UltrabookTM or Notebook PC by converting the HDMI output signal to an analog VGA input for easy connecting to an external VGA display for dual-display productivity.

HP HDMI to VGA Display Adapter Features
Product Description
HP HDMI to VGA Display Adapter - adapter - HDMI / VGA
Adapter - HDMI / VGA
HD-15 (VGA) - female
Connector (Second End)
HDMI - male
Designed For
EliteBook 830 G6; ZBook 14u G5, 15 G4, 15 G5, 15 G6, 15u G5, 15v G5, 17 G3, 17 G4, 17 G5, 17 G6, Create G7, Power G7, Power G8, Power G9, Studio G4, Studio G5, Studio G7, Studio G8, Studio x360 G5; ZBook Firefly 14 G7, 14 G8, 14 G9, 15 G7, 15 G8, 16 G9; ZBook Fury 15 G7, 15 G8, 16 G9, 17 G7, 17 G8
HP HDMI to VGA Display Adapter Specifications
Cable Type
Interface Supported
15 pin HD D-Sub (HD-15) - female
Connector (Second End)
19 pin HDMI Type A - male
Compatibility Information
Designed For
HP 240 G6 Notebook, 240 G8 Notebook, 245 G1 Notebook, 245 G6 Notebook, 245 G7 Notebook, 245 G8 Notebook, 246 G7 Notebook, 250 G4 Notebook, 250 G5 Notebook, 250 G6 Notebook, 250 G7 Notebook, 250 G8 Notebook, 255 G4 Notebook, 255 G5 Notebook, 255 G6 Notebook, 255 G7 Notebook, 255 G8 Notebook, 256 G8 Notebook, 340 G7 Notebook ¦ HP EliteBook 830 G6 ¦ HP ProBook 430 G4 Notebook, 430 G5 Notebook, 430 G7 Notebook, 430 G8 Notebook, 440 G4 Notebook, 440 G5 Notebook, 440 G7 Education Edition Notebook, 440 G7 Notebook, 440 G8 Notebook, 440 G9 Notebook, 445 G6 Notebook, 445 G7 Notebook, 445 G8 Notebook, 445 G9 Notebook, 445r G6 Notebook, 450 G2 Notebook, 450 G4 Notebook, 450 G5 Notebook, 450 G7 Notebook, 450 G8 Notebook, 450 G9 Notebook, 455 G4 Notebook, 455 G5 Notebook, 455 G6 Notebook, 455 G7 Notebook, 455 G8 Notebook, 455 G9 Notebook, 455r G6 Notebook, 470 G4 Notebook, 470 G5 Notebook, 630 G8 Notebook, 635 Aero G7 Notebook, 635 Aero G8 Notebook, 640 G4 Notebook, 640 G8 Notebook, 645 G4 Notebook, 650 G4 Notebook, 650 G8 Notebook, Fortis 14 G9 Notebook ¦ HP ZBook 14u G5 Mobile Workstation, 15 G4 Mobile Workstation, 15 G5 Mobile Workstation, 15 G6 Mobile Workstation, 15u G5 Mobile Workstation, 15v G5 Mobile Workstation, 17 G3 Mobile Workstation, 17 G4 Mobile Workstation, 17 G5 Mobile Workstation, 17 G6 Mobile Workstation, Create G7 Notebook, Power G7 Mobile Workstation, Power G8 Mobile Workstation, Power G9 Mobile Workstation, Studio G3 Mobile Workstation, Studio G4 Mobile Workstation, Studio G5 Mobile Workstation, Studio G7 Mobile Workstation, Studio G8 Mobile Workstation, Studio x360 G5 Mobile Workstation ¦ HP ZBook Firefly 14 G7 Mobile Workstation, 14 G8 Mobile Workstation, 14 G9 Mobile Workstation, 15 G7 Mobile Workstation, 15 G8 Mobile Workstation, 16 G9 Mobile Workstation ¦ HP ZBook Fury 15 G7 Mobile Workstation, 15 G8 Mobile Workstation, 16 G9 Mobile Workstation, 17 G7 Mobile Workstation, 17 G8 Mobile Workstation
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HP HDMI to VGA Display Adapter Reviews

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Type : Video adapter
Left Connector : 15 pin HD D-Sub (HD-15)
Right Connector : 19 pin HDMI Type A
Left Gender : Female
Right Gender : Male
Brand: HP
Stock                             Status: In Stock
Price Range: €10 - €25
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HP   HP HDMI TO VGA ADAPTER . €24.96   Incl Vat
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