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Range/Series Overview

IMPORTANT: This Range/Series overview section describes the range of which this product belongs. Features of different versions might be mentioned and may not apply to the specific product on this page. Please view Specs for specification of product.

When hardware issues come up, the sooner you can get running again, the better. Have expertise at the ready with HP Hardware Next Business Day Onsite Service, and vastly improve your product uptime. With high-quality remote assistance or convenient onsite support available the next business day, help is there when you need it-so you can get back to work.

Features Summary

  • We'll be there the next business day
    In-person repairs, parts and service will arrive at your door the very next business day. Our experts are on the job nine hours a day, five days a week.
  • Support you can count on
    Know that your hardware will be good as new as soon as possible thanks to our knowledgeable expertise and efficient service and support.
  • Help is on the line - or at your door
    Our support specialists are always ready to assist in whatever way the situation calls for, whether it's remotely over the phone or in person.

Service Included
Parts and labour
Full Contract Period
1 year
Response Time
Next business day
Service Availability
9 hours a day / 5 days a week
Service & Support
Extended service agreement - parts and labour - 1 year - on-site - response time: next business day - availability: 9 hours a day (8:00 AM - 5:00 PM) / Monday-Friday
Compatibility Information
Designed For
HP B421, E23 G4, E24 G4, E24 G5, E24d G4 Advanced Docking Monitor, E24i G4, E24m G4 Conferencing, E24mv G4 Conferencing Monitor, E24q G4, E24q G5, E24t G4, E24t G5, E24u G4, E24u G5, E27 G4, E27 G5, E27d G4 Advanced Docking Monitor, E27d G4 Conferencing Monitor, E27k G5, E27m G4 Conferencing Monitor, E27q G4, E27Q G5, E27u G4, E27u G5, E32K G5, E32K G5 PVC Free, E344c, E34m G4 Conferencing Monitor, E45c G5, HC240, HC241 Clinical Review Monitor, HC241p Clinical Review, HC270, HC270cr Clinical Review Monitor, HC271 Clinical Review Monitor, HC271p Clinical Review Monitor, LD4245tm, LD4730 Micro-Bezel Video Wall Display, LD4730G Micro-Bezel Video Wall Display with Protective Glass, LD4730Ga Micro-Bezel Video Wall Display with Protective Glass, LD5511, LD5512 Conferencing Display, LP2465, LP3065, N240, N240h, N246v, N270, N270c, N270h, P24 G4, P24 G5, P241v, P244, P24h G4, P24h G5, P24q G4, P24v G4, P24v G5, P27 G5, P27h G4, P27h G5, P27q G4, P27v G4, P32u G5, P34hc G4, v243, V244h, V24i, V270, V272, V320, Z23i, Z23n, Z23n G2, Z24f G3, Z24i, Z24i G2, Z24m G3, Z24n, Z24n G2, Z24n G3, Z24nf, Z24nf G2, Z24nq, Z24q G3, Z24s, Z24u G3, Z25n, Z25xs G3, Z27, Z27k G3, Z27n, Z27n G2, Z27q, Z27q G3, Z27s, Z27u G3, Z27xs G3, Z30i, Z32, Z32k G3, Z34c, Z34c G3, Z38c, Z40c G3, Z43 ¦ HP DreamColor Z24x G2, Z24x Professional, Z27x G2 Studio Display, Z31x Studio Display, Z32x Professional ¦ HP EliteDisplay E230t, E231, E231i, E232, E233, E240, E240c, E241i, E242, E243, E243d Docking, E243i, E243m, E243p, E271i, E272q, E273, E273d Docking Monitor, E273m, E273q, E324q, S230tm, S231d, S240uj Wireless Charging Monitor, S270c, S270n, S340C ¦ HP EliteOne 1000 ¦ HP Mini-in-One 24 ¦ HP ProDisplay P231, P232, P240va, P242va, S240ml
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Brand: HP
Model: Electronic HP Care Pack
Vendor : HP Inc.
Stock                             Status: In Stock
Price Range: €10 - €25
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