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Epson ELPWP20 - Wireless video/audio extender - transmitter - for Epson EB-L530, L630, L635, L720, L730, L735, PU2010, PU2120, PU2220, X06, EF-12, EH-TW710 (V12HA42040)

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Epson ELPWP20 Overview

Range/Series Overview

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With the ELPWP20, users can collaborate more easily than ever before. Using the compact wireless transmitter it's easy to share content at the touch of a button; simply launch any program on your laptop and the ELPWP20 makes it easy to show that content on your display - whatever display hardware you are using.

Simply plug the wireless transmitter into the PC or Mac and click on the built-in app to begin transmitting content from the laptop to the display. Alternatively, users can share using Miracast, which is built-in to Windows, Android and Chromebooks. Mobile devices based on Windows, Android, iOS or Chrome can also connect via Epson's free of charge iProjection app.

Up to 4 devices can be displayed simultaneously, and video conferencing systems can also be integrated via the HDMI inputs on the receiver.

The ELPWP20 receiver connects to the display via its HDMI input - meaning it is compatible with any display, regardless of manufacturer or technology.

To ensure security is maintained at all times, the signal between the transmitter and receiver is encrypted using AES encryption, protecting your transmitted content from unauthorised access.

As there is no physical button on the transmitters they can be sanitised after use, for full hygiene protection.

Epson ELPWP20 Features
Product Description
Epson ELPWP20 - wireless video/audio extender
Device Type
Wireless video/audio extender (transmitter)
Form Factor
Designed For
Epson EB-1480, 1485, 530, 535, 536, 685, 695, 720, 725, 735, E01, L1075, L200, L530, L630, L635, L720, L730, L735, PU2010, PU2120, PU2220, W06, W49, W51, W70, W75, X06, X49, EF-12, EH-TW5820, TW710, TW740, TW750
Epson ELPWP20 Specifications
Device Type
Wireless video/audio extender (transmitter)
Form Factor
Connectivity Technology
Compatibility Information
Designed For
Epson EB-1480Fi, EB-1485FI, EB-530, EB-535W, EB-536WI, EB-685W, EB-685Wi, EB-695Wi, EB-720, EB-725W, EB-725Wi, EB-735F, EB-735Fi, EB-E01, EB-L1075U, EB-L200F, EB-L200SW, EB-L200SX, EB-L530U, EB-L630SU, EB-L630U, EB-L635SU, EB-L720U, EB-L730U, EB-L735U, EB-PU2010B, EB-PU2010W, EB-PU2120W, EB-PU2220B, EB-W06, EB-W49, EB-W51, EB-W70, EB-W75, EB-X06, EB-X49, EF-12, EH-TW5820, EH-TW710, EH-TW740, EH-TW750
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Connectivity Type : Wireless
Form Factor : External
Type : Wireless video/audio extender
Brand: EPSON
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Price Range: €1000 - €1500