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Dynabook USB-C Dock ...

Dynabook USB-C Dock - Docking station - USB-C - VGA, HDMI, DP - GigE - 100 Watt - United Kingdom, Europe - for Toshiba PortΘgΘ A30, X20, X30, Toshiba Satellite Pro A50, L50, R50, Toshiba Tecra A40, X50 (PA5356E-1PRP)

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Dynabook USB-C Dock Overview

Range/Series Overview

IMPORTANT: This Range/Series overview section describes the range of which this product belongs. Features of different versions might be mentioned and may not apply to the specific product on this page. Please view Specs for specification of product.

One cable – every possibility The Dynabook laptop docking station is an excellent choice for your home or office setup. Supporting up to three displays and four USB 3.0 devices simultaneously – you can connect, share and create with ease. With minimal cable clutter and maximum convenience, the USB-C Dock helps you power through every task. The dock also acts as a charger, so when you need to work on the move, simply unplug your laptop safe in the knowledge that your device is fully powered.

Dynabook USB-C Dock Features
Product Description
Dynabook USB-C Dock - docking station - USB-C - VGA, HDMI, DP - GigE
Product Type
Docking station
Docking Interface
Video Interfaces
Dimensions (WxDxH)
8.44 cm x 23.4 cm x 3 cm
United Kingdom, Europe
Gigabit Ethernet
Power adapter 100 Watt DC 20 V
Manufacturer Warranty
1-year warranty
Designed For
Toshiba Portégé A30, X20, X20W, X30, X30T; Toshiba Satellite Pro A50, L50, R50; Toshiba Tecra A40, A50, X40, X50
Dynabook USB-C Dock Specifications
Product Type
Docking station
8.44 cm
23.4 cm
3 cm
Enclosure Colour
United Kingdom, Europe
Max Resolution Details
3840 x 2160 - 30 Hz
Data Link Protocol
Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet
Expansion / Connectivity
Expansion Slots
1 (total) / 1 (free) x SD Memory Card
1 x audio / video - HDMI - 19 pin HDMI Type A ¦ 1 x display / video - DisplayPort - 20 pin DisplayPort ¦ 1 x display / video - VGA ¦ 1 x headphone/microphone combo jack - mini-phone stereo 3.5 mm ¦ 1 x docking / port replicator - 24 pin USB-C ¦ 1 x USB-C - 24 pin USB-C ¦ 2 x USB 3.1 Gen 2 ¦ 2 x USB 3.1 Gen 1
Cables Included
1 x USB-C cable - 1 m
Security lock slot (cable lock sold separately)
Security Slot Type
Kensington security slot
Power Device
Power adapter
Voltage Required
DC 20 V
Power Provided
100 Watt
Manufacturer Warranty
Service & Support
Limited warranty - 1 year
Compatibility Information
Designed For
Dynabook Toshiba Portégé A30-E-10N, A30-E-12Z, A30-E-130, A30-E-131, A30-E-140, A30-E-143, A30-E-14P, A30-E-14Q, A30-E-14R, A30-E-150, A30-E-15G, A30-E-15H, A30-E-173, A30-E-174, A30-E-189, A30-E-193, A30-E-194, A30-E-1CD, A30-E-1CE, A30-E-1CJ, A30-E-1CU, A30-E-1DH, A30-E-1DR, A30-E-1E4, X20W-E I5, X20W-E-159, X20W-E-165, X30-E-17D, X30-E-1GU, X30-E-1HJ, X30-E-1HT, X30-E-1J4, X30-E-1KD, X30-F-10N, X30-F-10P, X30-F-114, X30-F-115, X30-F-12L, X30-F-12M, X30-F-12R, X30-F-12T, X30-F-12U, X30-F1332, X30-F1338, X30-F-13M, X30-F-13Q, X30-F-14W, X30-F-151, X30-F-154, X30-F-15C, X30-F-15J, X30-F-15T, X30-F-15U, X30-F-15V, X30-F-15X, X30-F-15Z, X30-F-160, X30-F-161, X30-F-16J, X30-F-16L, X30-F-16M, X30-F-172, X30T-E-1DX, X30T-E-1JD ¦ Dynabook Toshiba Satellite Pro A50-EC-15P, A50-EC-1CG, A50-EC-1EP, A50-EC-1F2, A50-EC-1F5, L50-G-103, L50-G-105, L50-G-11H, L50-G-11J, L50-G-11M, L50-G-127, L50-G-128, L50-G-129, L50-G-132, L50-G-133, L50-G-134, L50-G-135, L50-G-136, L50-G-138, L50-G-13F, L50-G-13Z, L50-G-144, L50-G-17J, L50-G-17P, L50-G-17U, L50-G-193, R50-EC-116, R50-EC-130 ¦ Dynabook Toshiba Tecra A40-E, A40-E1420, A40-E-157, A40-E-159, A40-E-15K, A40-E-15P, A40-E-15R, A40-E-15W, A40-E-15X, A40-E-15Z, A40-E-168, A40-E-185, A40-E-198, A40-E-1C9, A40-E-1D5, A40-E-1D6, A40-E-1D7, A40-E-1D8, A40-E-1DD, A40-E-1DJ, A50-EC1528, A50-EC-18V, X40-E-1F0, X40-E-1GR, X40-F, X40-F-10F, X40-F-10G, X40-F-10G5, X40-F-10N, X40-F-115, X40-F-11J, X40-F-12J, X40-F-13D, X40-F-13R, X40-F-13U, X40-F-143, X40-F1438, X40-F-145, X40-F-146, X40-F-148, X40-F-149, X40-F-14C, X40-F-14J, X40-F-14T, X40-F-14U, X40-F-14V, X40-F-14W, X40-F-14X, X40-F-14Z, X40-F-15L, X50-F, X50-F-11E, X50-F-11F, X50-F-127, X50-F-12Q, X50-F-12X, X50-F-130, X50-F-131, X50-F-139, X50-F-13H, X50-F-13J, X50-F-14R, X50-F-158, X50-F-159, X50-F-15C, X50-F-15G, X50-F-15M, X50-F-15N, X50-F-15P, X50-F-15Z, X50-F-160, X50-F-16K, X50-F-16L, X50-F-16M, X50-F-16N, X50-F-16R, X50-F-16Z
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Device Type : Docking station
Docking Interface : USB-C
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