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Range/Series Overview

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The cleaning kit is used to clean dust off of the paper path or scanning glass to prevent vertical lines on the scanned image.

Specification Summary

Product Description
Epson cleaning kit
Product Type
Cleaning kit
Designed For
Epson DS-530, DS-575, DS-730, DS-770, DS-790; RapidReceipt RR-600; WorkForce DS-30, DS-50000, DS-510, DS-520, DS-530, DS-5500, DS-560, DS-570, DS-60000, DS-6500, DS-70000, DS-730, DS-7500, DS-770, DS-780, DS-790, DS-860, DS-870, DS-970, ES-400, ES-500, ES-580, ES-865


Product Type
Cleaning kit
Compatibility Information
Designed For
Epson DS-530 II, DS-575W II, DS-730N, DS-770 II, DS-790WN ¦ Epson RapidReceipt RR-600W ¦ Epson WorkForce DS-30, DS-50000, DS-50000N, DS-510, DS-510N, DS-520, DS-520N, DS-530, DS-530II, DS-530N, DS-5500, DS-5500N, DS-560, DS-570W, DS-570WII, DS-60000, DS-60000N, DS-6500, DS-6500N, DS-70000, DS-70000N, DS-730N, DS-7500, DS-7500N, DS-770, DS-770 Kofax VRS, DS-770II, DS-780N, DS-790WN, DS-860, DS-860N, DS-870, DS-870 Kofax VRS, DS-870N, DS-970, DS-970N, ES-400 II, ES-500W II, ES-500WR, ES-580W, ES-865

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