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Welcome to our Printer and Scanner Accessories category page. Browse our wide range of printer ink, toner and scanner accessories from top manufacturers with FREE DELIVERY on orders over €250 Click here for our printer toner and ink finder.

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About Printer Ink and Toner

Printer ink and toner are essential components for maintaining the functionality of your printer. Ink cartridges contain liquid ink used for printing text and images onto paper, while toner cartridges contain powder used in laser printers to create images and text. These consumables need to be replaced periodically to ensure consistent print quality and prevent damage to your printer.

Choosing the right ink and toner for your printer is crucial to achieving optimal printing results and prolonging the lifespan of your device.

How to Choose Printer Ink and Toner

When selecting printer ink and toner, there are several factors to consider to ensure compatibility, quality, and cost-effectiveness. Here are some steps to help you make the right choice:

  1. Know Your Printer Model: Start by identifying the make and model of your printer. This information is usually found on the printer itself or in the user manual. Different printers require specific types of ink or toner cartridges, so knowing your printer model is essential for compatibility. Then Click here for our toner/ink finder to get the right ink for your printer
  2. Consider OEM vs. Compatible: Decide whether you want to purchase original equipment manufacturer (OEM) cartridges or compatible cartridges. OEM cartridges are made by the printer manufacturer and are typically more expensive but ensure high-quality and compatibility. Compatible cartridges are manufactured by third-party companies and are often more affordable but may vary in quality and compatibility.
  3. Evaluate Ink/Toner Yield: Check the page yield of the ink or toner cartridges. Page yield refers to the number of pages you can print before needing to replace the cartridge. Higher page yield cartridges may be more cost-effective in the long run, especially for high-volume printing.