Elara Online - New Products (Cases and PSUs) http://www.elara.ie/rss/special.aspx Official Elara Online RSS Feed - Keep Up-To-Date with new products from Elara!! en-us Elara Online http://www.elara.ie http://www.elara.ie/css/d5/images/logo-nav5.gif <![CDATA[ EUR154.67 - EXTREME NETWORKS - ENERGY STAR V & EN60950 EDIT 2 POWER SUPPLY FOR RFS4010]]> http://www.elara.ie/productdetail.aspx?productcode=MME3G20028
Manufacturer SKU: PWRS-14000-244R
Elara SKU: MME3G20028
Price: EUR154.67 ]]>
http://www.elara.ie/productdetail.aspx?productcode=MME3G20028 http://www.elara.ie/productdetail.aspx?productcode=MME3G20028
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