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AXIS T91A64 Corner Bracket ...

Corner Bracket. Requires AXIS T91A61 Wall Bracket. AXIS P55-series, AXIS Q60-series PTZ Dome Network Cameras, AXIS P33 Series Pendant kit, AXIS P33-VE Series Pendant kit, AXIS 225 Pendant kit and AXIS 216/P3301 Pendant kit. White (5017-641)

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AXIS T91A64 Corner Bracket Overview

Range/Series Overview

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AXIS T91A64 Corner Bracket Features
Product Description
AXIS T91A64 Corner Bracket - camera mounting kit
Product Type
Camera mounting kit
Placing / Mounting
Corner mountable
Designed For
AXIS 216FD, 216FD-V, 216MFD, 216MFD-V, 225FD, M3203-V, P3301, P3304, P3304-V, P5512, P5512-E, P5522-E, P5532, P5532-E, P5534, P5534-E, Q6032, Q6032-C, Q6032-E, Q6034, Q6034-C, Q6034-E, Q6035, Q6035-C, Q6035-E, T91A61
AXIS T91A64 Corner Bracket Specifications
Product Type
Camera mounting kit
Placing / Mounting
Corner mountable
Compatibility Information
Designed For
AXIS 216FD Fixed Dome Network Camera, 216FD-V Fixed Dome Network Camera, 216MFD Network Camera, 216MFD-V Network Camera, 225FD Fixed Dome Network Camera Outdoor Bundle, 225FD Fixed Dome Network Camera: Standard lens, M3203-V Network Camera, P3301 Network Camera, P3304 Network Camera, P3304-V Fixed Dome Network Camera, P5512 PTZ Dome Network Camera, P5512-E PTZ Dome Network Camera, P5522-E PTZ Dome Network Camera, P5532 PTZ Dome Network Camera, P5532-E PTZ Dome Network Camera, P5534 PTZ Dome Network Camera, P5534-E PTZ Dome Network Camera, Q6032 PTZ Dome Network Camera, Q6032-C PTZ Dome Network Camera, Q6032-E PTZ Dome Network Camera, Q6034 PTZ Dome Network Camera, Q6034-C PTZ Dome Network Camera, Q6034-E PTZ Dome Network Camera, Q6035 PTZ Dome Network Camera, Q6035-C PTZ Dome Network Camera, Q6035-E PTZ Dome Network Camera, T91A61
AXIS T91A64 Corner Bracket Essential Bundles
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